Visit from a Fashion Blogger

We loved hosting Stephanie Arant from the blog Unconscious Style last weekend. We always feel good when some of the most fashionable people in So Cal choose to stay with us. 

Here's what Stephanie had to say about her weekend at the Lodge:

 "I had a very peaceful weekend up in Big Bear with my husband with amazing accommodations by the Noon Lodge at Mallard Bay. I was immediately drawn to this lodge after countless hours of searching travel sites I found this quaint and cute little lodge. Their minimalistic interiors and gorgeously designed exteriors made this the perfect hip spot to take a trip to. I picked out the studio cabin with a kitchen which was great for making early morning coffee and having late night pizza delivered. While I wasn’t exactly prepared for the cold weather and it’s activities, it was exactly what I’ve been needing as of late. Stress of the Holidays and work really had me a little high strung. Sleeping in and relaxing next to a gorgeous lake was exactly what anyone would need."

Thanks so much for choosing to stay with us Stephanie! We'll see you next December. :)